International Pressure on Swiss Finance and Business

Several G20 countries, especially the USA, Great Britain and Germany, are having to deal with serious economic and domestically political problems.
Instead of solving them through measures within their own countries,they are now attacking supposed “tax-havens”, Switzerland for example, and in this way are diverting attention away from their own problems. – With the easing of banking secrecy and the divulgation of banking customers’ data to the USA, the Swiss government has given in to international pressure and so has partly surrendered both it’s international esteem and it’s sovereignty. There is a failure of strategy and a lack of capable leaders who are willing to strengthen the economy and ensure employment and who are prepared to defend the sovereignty and independence of our country.

Switzerland is a beautiful, neutral country in the heart of Europe. – In the year 2011, the Swiss people have the possibility of electing leaders capable of correcting the present course.

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