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Personal information

Dr. Christoph Blocher, born 11 October 1940 in Schaffhausen, married, 3 daughters, 1 son, 12 grandchildren.

After attending state school, Christoph Blocher completed his agricultural apprenticeship. He then studied for his Matura and, as a working student, which included periods of study in Paris and Montpellier, gained his doctorate in law from Zürich University.


  • As a working student:

    • Founding member of the Student Association of Zürich University
    • President of the law student representative body
    • Member of the Board of Students

  • After his studies:

    • Member of the Meilen Community Council, 1974-1978
    • Member of the Swiss National Council, 1979-2003
    • President of the SVP (Swiss Peoples Party) of the canton of Zürich, 1977-2003
    • Member of the Zürich Cantonal Parliament, 1975-1980
    • President of AUNS (Campaign for Swiss Independence and Neutrality), 1986-2003
    • Elected onto the Swiss Federal Council, 10.12.2003
    • Director of the Federal Justice and Police Department, EJPD, 2004-2007
    • Voted out of the Swiss Federal Council, 12.12.2007
    • Vice-President of the SVP (Swiss Peoples Party), since 01.03.2008
    • Member of the Swiss National Council 2011-2014
    • President of the committee NO to the sneaky joining of the EU since 2014



    • Employment in the Law Department of EMS-CHEMIE AG (formerly Emser Werke AG) 1969
    • President and Delegate of the Board of Directors of EMS-CHEMIE AG, Domat/Ems and member of various Boards of Directors of the Emser-Group, from 1972
    • Acquisition of the majority of shares of the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG 1983
    • Present and Delegate of the Board of Directors of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG. Mandates on the Boards of Directors of the EMS-Group from 1984-2003

  • Member of the Board of Directors of several industrial enterprises

  • Robinvest AG

    • since 2008 Chairman of the Board

  • takeover of a 33% and a seat on the board of the newspaper "Basler Zeitung" as from June 2014


  • Aerial Defense Regiment Commander and Colonel (retired)